Appropriate communication between chronically ill students and their teachers can improve outcomes and satisfaction for both parties.

Beth Landau’s approach simplifies communication between teachers and students.

Through her advocacy services, Beth aims to stop the blame-game that precludes useful communication between chronically ill students, their families, and their teachers. Her goals are (1) to improve student outcomes and educational experiences and (2) to assist their teachers with streamlined implementation of student-specific strategies. 

Personal Advocacy Services may include:
Working with chronically ill students, their families, and their teachers to identify areas of concern.
Developing students’ and their families’ communication skills as they pertain to their situation.
Discussing potentially helpful strategies for students.
Talking to students’ teachers about the specific child and his or her situation.
Working with teachers to enhance their understanding of the needs of their chronically ill students and determine strategies that work in their classrooms.

Teacher-Centered Services:
Presentations and teacher training sessions on chronic illness in the classroom, problem-solving based communication, and the power of narrative in teacher-student relationships.

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