Strange Atheist: Candy Apples & Drama

Last year, my birthday fell on the same day as the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur, which I discussed in “Strange Atheist: Reconciliation.” This year, it’s festive Simchas Torah, another one of this atheist’s favorite holidays. At… Read More

Strange Atheist: Reconciliation

When the sun sets tonight, the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, will begin. It’s a dark day, marked by fasting and the repeated confession of our sins against god.  It’s also one of this atheist’s… Read More

About Strange Atheist Posts

Strange Atheist posts are about my logical and spiritual journey, which began in a Kosher Jewish home in NJ and continues in a traif Jewish-Atheist home in PA. It’s about having a brain that sees god as a… Read More

Strange Atheist: The Beginning

This blog topic started with a tweet: Rosh Hashanah, time to go to shul & sing prayers to a god I see as a symbol & feel as my own soul. I feel a blog coming on. #strangeatheist… Read More

Hamantaschen, Anyone?

Yesterday was all about cookie dough. I dusted off my mother’s old sisterhood cookbook and got started creaming butter, sugar, and orange zest. Forty minutes later, I was wiping down floury counters as a bowl of dough chilled… Read More