Strange Atheist: The Beginning

This blog topic started with a tweet:

Rosh Hashanah, time to go to shul & sing prayers to a god I

see as a symbol & feel as my own soul.

I feel a blog coming on. #strangeatheist

7:55 AM – 5 Sep 13 ·

I’ve confused people by saying things like:

My brain is an atheist but my soul is a Jew.

By telling them I’m Jewish, behaving like a Jew, and then later revealing I’m atheist.

By being an atheist and wishing people success on their own religious and spiritual journeys.

And even by using the logic of their own faiths to comfort them.

Why? We are used to categorizing and labeling everything: our race, our sexuality, our political views,  our stance on whether Ryan Seacrest really works as the host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (I’m thinking no.).

But I believe that most things defy labels. Race, sexuality, political views, Ryan Seacrest-related beliefs… and religion.

I’m tired of confusing people and ready to start explaining. That’s what I’m going to explore here. I hope you’ll follow along and even join the discussion.

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