Taper Town: A Daily Practice

It is early morning. The house is still. I stand in front of the French doors and view the backyard as I begin to move. Wrists. Ankles. Neck. I sway back and forth, freeing my arms and legs from… Read More

Taper Town: Stuck Street

I’m stranded in Taper Town, stalled between well-enough-to-be-bothered-by-my-growing-to-do-list and in-too-much-pain-to-attack-it. The street sign reads: Up ahead, there’s an emergency box: Break glass for prednisone.

Taper Town: The Blame Game

A tombstone bearing the epithet, “I told you I was sick,” was one of my grandfather’s favorite jokes. But this lament is no joke for people with autoimmune diseases. Our lives are often riddled with odd symptoms and… Read More

Taper Town: Initial Skirmish

Well, good. Who wants to read about an easy prednisone taper, anyway? Hi, joint pain, muscle aches and stiffness. Remember that jet tub we had installed? That’s for you. It soothes peripheral neuropathy and the purple-white-red ache-numb-sting of… Read More