Taper Town: A Daily Practice

It is early morning. The house is still. I stand in front of the French doors and view the backyard as I begin to move. Wrists. Ankles. Neck. I sway back and forth, freeing my arms and legs from… Read More

When Even Yoga Hurts: Tai Chi

NOTE: Scroll down for a practical guide to starting tai chi. I could say she was a terrible doctor, but that isn’t true. I could say that she doesn’t care about treating the whole patient , but I… Read More

When Yoga Calls: Gentle Poses for Every (Dis)Ability Level

Yoga’s calling me today. Non-yogis tend to see yoga as a soft exercise. A boring combination of stretching and breathing. You know – not a work out. And it can be among the gentler types of exercise. Yogic… Read More