My Heart Doesn’t Break

Maybe I’m a bad mother,But when the door slams and You’re on the other side of it,My heart does not break. No. The jarring bang and rush of your explosive exitSpawns a fear that reaches into my gut,… Read More

For Now

Tell your friends IDisapproveSaid you can’t go Think you’re too youngDon’t care what you wantConsider it dangerousHave threatened to ground youJust don’t get itWill totally freak. Tell them I’mUnfairSuper strictOut of touchOverprotectiveToo involved in your lifeParanoidYour wardenA bitch…. Read More

It’s Painful to Watch You Sometimes

*** It’s painful to watch you sometimes, Muzzled by hormones and contrived, impossible images That teach you to shine by conforming and hiding your light. Your minds whirl while you wonder what they think You think About yourself…. Read More

Pre-Camp Mom Psychosis

My 12 year old son is headed off to lacrosse camp tomorrow. Sleep-away camp. It’s his first time at sleep-away camp, and although I’m the one who suggested it (indeed, I’m the only sleep-away camp advocate in this… Read More

Clearing Up Misconceptions

(Original post date: Monday, March 24, 2008) Until recently I don’t think my kids knew who Jaime Lynn Spears was… unfortunately, now they do. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, JLS is Brittney’s little sister, she’s… Read More

Lies I’ve Been Told Lately

(Original post date: Thursday, February 14, 2008) I wrote the essay but my dog ate my jump drive. We’ll be there between 9 and 12. I already cleaned my room. You said I could. Our classes are heterogeneously… Read More