For Now

Tell your friends I
Said you can’t go
Think you’re too young
Don’t care what you want
Consider it dangerous
Have threatened to ground you
Just don’t get it
Will totally freak.

Tell them I’m
Super strict
Out of touch
Too involved in your life
Your warden
A bitch.

Tell them whatever it takes to save face, just don’t
Catch a ride with drunk kids
Be swayed by deceitful people
Let anyone hurt you
Make babies too soon
Commit crimes
Exploit your body
Surrender your voice

I’ll carry the burden of unpopularity if it
Lets me cling to desperate fallacies:
Control. Protection.
Of course it is futile.
The world will claim you eventually.
But for now,
While I have the luxury of believing
I can save you,
For now, blame me.

2 Comments on “For Now

  1. Posted a link to this on Facebook and retweeted your post on Twitter. Powerful.


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