What do you wish teachers knew about your chronic illness?

CALLING ALL CHRONICALLY ILL STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES! I was a high school English teacher before a severe lupus (a chronic autoimmune disease) flare took me down. Now I help students and their teachers understand each other and find useful strategies… Read More

Wherever We Go…

I attended Back-to-School Night at my daughter’s high school last night.  It used to be my school, too; I taught English there for seven years. But last night I went simply as a mom. After almost two years,… Read More

Merry Monday

Yes, I’m absolutely merry on a Monday. It’s unusual, but I’m going along with it. The response to my last post, “I Don’t Say This Lightly,” featuring the work of a former student, and the  two previous posts… Read More

Flip-flop Conundrum

Many companies and schools have a no flip-flop rule. That’s no big deal. After all, we’re professionals, right? But has anyone checked out summer footwear, lately? What’s a flip-flop and what’s not? Opinions vary: “Nothing can go between… Read More