Merry Monday

Yes, I’m absolutely merry on a Monday. It’s unusual, but I’m going along with it.

The response to my last post, “I Don’t Say This Lightly,” featuring the work of a former student, and the  two previous posts (in the “We’re All In This Together”[WAITT] series) has been fabulous. I’m hearing from people all over the US and beyond, and I seem to have hit a nerve with the WAITT series. This is fine by me because I am enjoying writing the things I hold back in person. Usually. I’m from New Jersey, after all. Occasionally something slips through the filter.

Meanwhile, there are 34 days left to our school year (no, I’m not keeping track–several people told me this, unsolicited), I’m knee-deep in freshman research projects, cyber-summer school looms on the horizon, and my muse keeps whispering in my ear way too late at night. I shouldn’t complain about that one. It’s lovely not to have to seek her out. 

Much of my writing has been about my childhood, so expect a poem or two since that’s where those memories seem to settle. I’m working on the next installments of WAITT, too, though, so you won’t have to WAIT too long!  (Sorry – I had to do it. It’s my blog and I’ll pun if I want to.)

In the meantime, it’s nearly yoga time, so I’m off to stretch, breathe, and shuffle some prana.


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