Wherever We Go…

I attended Back-to-School Night at my daughter’s high school last night.  It used to be my school, too; I taught English there for seven years. But last night I went simply as a mom. After almost two years,… Read More

Hiding from 9/11

Facebook is both a horror and a communication miracle. Most status updates have to do with the minutiae of our daily lives: comments on the weather, hangover declarations, to do lists, etc. Some touch on more meaningful subjects,… Read More

Lessons from a 3 year-old

If you ever want to be here, now, take a three year old to the park. Normally, shortly after getting home from work, I rehash my day and immediately begin thinking about what I need to do next… Read More

WAITT (#3): Parking Lots, Pt. 1: Drivers

Welcome back to the series that reminds you that there are other people in the world, and they’re just as important as you.  ————————————- Today we take a short walk from the grocery store to the parking lot…… Read More

Merry Monday

Yes, I’m absolutely merry on a Monday. It’s unusual, but I’m going along with it. The response to my last post, “I Don’t Say This Lightly,” featuring the work of a former student, and the  two previous posts… Read More

We’re All In This Together (#2)

Welcome back to the blog that reminds you that there are other people in the world, and they’re just as important as you. An increasing number of people operate as if they are, indeed, the only person in… Read More

The Making of "We’re All In This Together"

The other night, I tweeted the following: Attention shoppers: Please keep your cart to the right so others can pass by while you study canned peas, which are a bad idea, anyway. Most of my tweets go unnoticed,… Read More

Share My Urgency… No, Wait – Don’t!

I’ve played this game enough times to know that as long as a doctor begins a conversation by looking me in the eye, I’m probably going to be fine. When the doctor starts speaking to me while he… Read More

Daugher of a Doofus

In many circles, including the one in which I grew up, a bar or bat mitzvah means a Jewish religious service, led by an adolescent who is ready to assume the role of an adult in the Jewish… Read More

My Heart Doesn’t Break

Maybe I’m a bad mother,But when the door slams and You’re on the other side of it,My heart does not break. No. The jarring bang and rush of your explosive exitSpawns a fear that reaches into my gut,… Read More

For Now

Tell your friends IDisapproveSaid you can’t go Think you’re too youngDon’t care what you wantConsider it dangerousHave threatened to ground youJust don’t get itWill totally freak. Tell them I’mUnfairSuper strictOut of touchOverprotectiveToo involved in your lifeParanoidYour wardenA bitch…. Read More

3 (Simplified) Rules for Attending School Performances

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my high school’s musical. Neither of my children were involved with the show, but I wanted to go see my students, a good number of whom have been working hard… Read More

There is Risk Here

The persistent supervision of every Who, what, when, and where in my lifeIs not akin to a juggler keeping balls in the air.My son,My daughter,The students I govern each day,They are the matter I endeavor to keep aloft.Balls… Read More

Super Nanny

I love, love, love watching Super Nanny. I’ve only seen it a few times, and I don’t think I could even tell you when it’s on, but when I stumble over that show.. BOOM! I’m hooked. Sunk. Otherwise… Read More

Pre-Camp Mom Psychosis

My 12 year old son is headed off to lacrosse camp tomorrow. Sleep-away camp. It’s his first time at sleep-away camp, and although I’m the one who suggested it (indeed, I’m the only sleep-away camp advocate in this… Read More

3 Basic Rules for Attending School Performances

My husband and I went to see our daughter in her elementary school’s talent show this evening – and believe me, I’m using the term talent very loosely – and once again I was amazed that people act… Read More

A Prayer On The Eve of My Son’s First LAX Game

(Original post date: Tuesday, April 01, 2008) Oh God – if you’re out there, help me to be a good sports mom tomorrow. Let me have faith in my son’s helmet and assorted pads. I didn’t know LAX… Read More

Leave the Cat

My husband and I happened upon the movie Alien the other night, and since we couldn’t agree on anything else on the 300 and some channels, we settled in. We had missed the best scene. You know, the… Read More

Clearing Up Misconceptions

(Original post date: Monday, March 24, 2008) Until recently I don’t think my kids knew who Jaime Lynn Spears was… unfortunately, now they do. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, JLS is Brittney’s little sister, she’s… Read More

12 Step Program for Puffin Corn Addicts?

(Original post date: Tuesday, March 04, 2008) I have a new addiction: Puffin Corn. My daughter asked if we could by this “different kind of popcorn” with no hulls since the orthodontist says she can’t eat regular popcorn…. Read More