Lessons from a 3 year-old

If you ever want to be here, now, take a three year old to the park. Normally, shortly after getting home from work, I rehash my day and immediately begin thinking about what I need to do next… Read More

Share My Urgency… No, Wait – Don’t!

I’ve played this game enough times to know that as long as a doctor begins a conversation by looking me in the eye, I’m probably going to be fine. When the doctor starts speaking to me while he… Read More

My Heart Doesn’t Break

Maybe I’m a bad mother,But when the door slams and You’re on the other side of it,My heart does not break. No. The jarring bang and rush of your explosive exitSpawns a fear that reaches into my gut,… Read More

There is Risk Here

The persistent supervision of every Who, what, when, and where in my lifeIs not akin to a juggler keeping balls in the air.My son,My daughter,The students I govern each day,They are the matter I endeavor to keep aloft.Balls… Read More

Super Nanny

I love, love, love watching Super Nanny. I’ve only seen it a few times, and I don’t think I could even tell you when it’s on, but when I stumble over that show.. BOOM! I’m hooked. Sunk. Otherwise… Read More

3 Basic Rules for Attending School Performances

My husband and I went to see our daughter in her elementary school’s talent show this evening – and believe me, I’m using the term talent very loosely – and once again I was amazed that people act… Read More

A Prayer On The Eve of My Son’s First LAX Game

(Original post date: Tuesday, April 01, 2008) Oh God – if you’re out there, help me to be a good sports mom tomorrow. Let me have faith in my son’s helmet and assorted pads. I didn’t know LAX… Read More

12 Step Program for Puffin Corn Addicts?

(Original post date: Tuesday, March 04, 2008) I have a new addiction: Puffin Corn. My daughter asked if we could by this “different kind of popcorn” with no hulls since the orthodontist says she can’t eat regular popcorn…. Read More