On my mind right now…

(Original post date: Saturday, April 21, 2007 )

Cutting down 30 year old, perfectly healthy oak trees because you “don’t want them to come crashing through the roof” is insane, and will not endear you to your brand new neighbors.

Pest companies to whom you pay a monthly fee should send someone right out to your house if you have huge black ants all over your kitchen.

In life, as with math, there is an order of operations: first you find out if the fence is yours, then you talk with the neighbor with whom you share the fence, THEN you take down the fence.

Refrigerated cookie dough is one of the best inventions ever.

If you ask 5 different people where your property line is, you will surely get more than one answer. Choosing the one that suits your purpose and ripping down everything you’ve decided is yours doesn’t make it legal and, again, doesn’t endear you to your brand new neighbors.

Shoving bills into various drawers and shoe boxes is an inefficient way to “organize” things. The time you save by not bothering to actually file things is completely negated by the hours it takes you to sort through everything when you finally get a desk and hanging file folders. It should not take 36 years to learn this.

Bullies at any age suck — they bring out my Jersey. Confrontation does not scare me.

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