WAITT (#4)

Welcome back to the series that reminds you that there are other people in the world, and they’re just as important as you.

Let’s move on to the parking lot pedestrian code of conduct today.

Watch where you are going because you are not the only person in the parking lot.

This seems so basic. I’m a little sad I even have to write it. However, so many people seem to be struck by hedupyerasis in parking lots that it seems to be necessary to remind people to be aware of their surroundings, particularly because they are often populated!

First of all, stay on the side of the lanes. You know those big things, just like the one you just parked? Those are cars. They go in the middle. You go on the side. Cars, middle. Pedestrians, side. Got it?

Second, walking out in front of moving vehicles seems to be an issue. I wouldn’t say anything about this, but it happens every time I am in a parking lot. It’s epidemic. Sometimes I suspect it’s aggressive. You know, “I’m gonna walk here and you’re gonna slow down,” even if the driver is going slowly. Other times I’m sure it’s a simple case of hedupyerasis.

So what’s a pedestrian to do? Simple. You can tell what to do it you pretend you are 6, you are going to cross the street, and your mommy is watching.

  1. Stop.
  2. Look left, first (the goal here is to look for the car that’ll hit you first; if they drive on the left where you live, look right first).
  3. If there are no cars, look right. If there are no cars coming, go.  

If at any point in this process there are cars nearby and headed your way, don’t go.

Drivers who are following the speed limit and observing all traffic laws should not have to jam on their brakes and come to a screeching halt because you don’t have the will to see if it’s safe and your turn yet.

In terms of self-preservation, consider how many people are on their phones, texting, or reaching around to hand kids juice boxes as they drive. Stepping in front of a moving car and thinking, “They’ll stop,” is a gamble. Also, remember that in parking lots, many people take painted lanes and signs to be optional, so look before you go, even if you have the right of way. Just be patient and follow lane crossing protocol and you’ll make it to the shop alive.


That’s it for now. Look for the next edition of WAITT in which I’ll continue to rant and hand out ridiculously common-sense-based advice for parking lot pedestrians. In the meantime, remember to be aware of others.

We’re all in this together. Act that way.

5 Comments on “WAITT (#4)

  1. LOL! What an informative and helpful post. You're hilarious. 🙂 HAve you ever heard of the Mr. Obvious show? It's a little reminiscent of this … handing out common sense logic to this poor nub of a guy who keeps calling in. So funny.

    BTW, you're one of my nominees for tomorrow's award post on my blog, so please stop by and claim your prize on Wednesday. TTYS!


  2. I especially despise people that walk hand in hand down the middle of the parking lot lane… I stand behind them and rev the engine. If they don't move after that… then it's just social darwinism at work.


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