4/30 Day 28 of slowest #prednisone taper ever:

Suddenly, a 1mg decrease doesn’t feel like progress.   

Of course, it is. It’s 20% less than I was taking a month ago. On days like these, I need to remind myself to look at the bigger picture. I’m not fighting lupus temporarily. I’m fighting it chronically. There is no quick fix. There is no fix at all. There’s only management.

The goal is minimization. Minimize flare duration and frequency. Minimize disease activity. Minimize symptoms. Minimize medications and their side effects.  Minimize fantasies about quick fixes.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ve got to minimize calendar reading errors. I’ve been off by a day for at least a week. I’m blaming it on my loopis stoopid, more commonly known as lupus brain fog. I’m trying to minimize that, too.

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