Let Me Tell You a Story

Screenshot 2014-09-23 09.29.46A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a Second Stoop Storytelling show in Baltimore, MD. Just for kicks, I put my name in the bucket for a chance to tell a story of my own.

Two hours of great school-related stories zipped by, and before I knew it, the evening was almost over. Then Stoop Storytelling producer and co-host Laura Wexler reached into the bucket and pulled out one more strip of paper. “Our last reader will be…. Beth Landau.”

And I was up. Humbled by the talent that had preceded me, I shook as I took the stage. But I think I did okay for a rookie.

And now, in a move of shameless self-promotion, I offer you a link to a podcast of my storytelling debut.

Click the pic or HERE to listen.

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